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eSciDoc.PubMan.PEER - PEER Repository at the Max Planck Digital Library

PEER (Publishing and the Ecology of European Research), supported by the EC eContentplus programme, will investigate the effects of the large-scale, systematic depositing of authors' final peer-reviewed manuscripts (so called Green Open Access or stage-two research output) on reader access, author visibility, and journal viability, as well as on the broader ecology of European research. The project is a collaboration between publishers, repositories and researchers and will last from 2008 to 2012.

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PubMan Interfaces

PubMan supports research organizations in the management, dissemination and re-use of publications and supplementary material. The solution PubMan is a component of the eResearch infrastructure of the Max Planck Society and is based on the eSciDoc service infrastructure.

Most Recently Released Items

Simoneau, Catherine; Van den Eede, Liza; Valzacchi, Sandro
This report presents the results of the study on the analytical identification and quantification of migration of chemicals from plastics baby bottle...
Heinrich, Gert; Subramaniam, Kalaivani; Das, Amit
A simplified and an eco-friendly approach to develop polychloroprene rubber composites with high electrical conductivity is reported. The usage of ro...
Guessasma, S.; Hbib, M.; Bassir, D.; Benseddiq, N.
► we examine interfacial damage in starch-hemp composites ► micromechanical testing reveals failure driven by interfacial damage growth ► FE results ...
Ye, Jianqiao; Yang, Dongmin; Sheng, Yong; Tan, Yuanqiang
► We model cross-ply laminates by particle based discrete elements. ► We examine dynamic process of transverse cracking and interface delamination. ►...

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